Mike Myers is busy with the sequel to Austin Powers

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The son of Myers, see Austin Powers like to return

Mike Myers has fans of his Austin Powers movie, given hope for a new sequel. The comedy icon has long considered his roles as the quirky, sixties, spy, and his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil, again, for a fourth film. And now, 21 years after the first movie, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, begin the planning of the actor to take shape.

Myers was asked about the possibility of a sequel during the ontbijtshow Good Morning America and he tried the question in the first instance, to dodge. He made a joke of, but then let the act fall and gave his fans an update. “It looks good, so we’ll see,” said the 55-year-old Myers.

He said there that it was a bit longer could last, because he also is the father of three children. “That takes a lot of time,” said Myers. “Over the last six years were focused on three kids under six… I have in those years, no big projects, just things that made me not far from my family loved, so we’ll see what happens.”

Someone who is Myers like Austin Powers will see return is his oldest child, 6-year-old son Spike. After all he had heard about the film career of his father, he has become his greatest devotee. “We were at a house… it was raining and we sat under a tent, when he turned to me turned and said: Daddy, can I tell you a secret…? I am your biggest fan,” he recalls.

In addition to International Man of Mystery played Myers in 1999 in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Austin Powers in the register as a member in 2002. In the last two was also an actor Verne Troyer to see if his Mini-Me. He died in april at age 49.

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