Michiel De Meyer and Jo Hens as understudy in 40-45

Michiel De Meyer and Jo Hens as understudy in 40-45

Michiel de Meyer and Jo Hens are understudy of, respectively, Jelle Cleymans and Jonas of Yellow in the spectacle-musical 40-45. Jelle and Jonas play basically all of the performances, but the school performances will be by the duo The Meyer-Hands to be played. Also if Jelle or Jonas sick the case, then Michiel and/or Jo in action.

Michiel De Meyer we know mainly as the winner of “Steracteur/Sterartiest” . In addition, he was also already appeared in several musicals, and he plays the role of Arne in the Home. With Jo Hens we go Home to Family because in the series he gives, since 2009, form the character of Nico. Also in the theater Jo already proven. So he played in The community police officers and the theatre of Aspe – Murder in the theatre, and Aspe 2 – The fatal anniversary.

Michiel Meyer: “some Of the roles you dream to play. I don’t think that I’ll still get the chance to have such a beautiful role to play.”
Jo Hands: “for me It is an honour to be in such a big production to be allowed to stand and to work together with so many talented people. I will me there also in full fling, and above all to enjoy to the fullest!”

In addition to these 2 understudies Studio 100 today, and the full ensemble is known. Earlier it was already known that there are 2 hoofdcasts were (green & blue), but now there are also the names of the ensemble added. And also in the ensemble was the red thread of talent to be extended.

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