Melania visiting imprisoned children: “How do we get them quickly back to their parents?”

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The American government is doing everything to contain the crisis around the separate detention of refugee children and their parents. First lady Melania Trump brought a surprise visit to a detention facility for children. Melania would be a important share to have had at the stop of the separated confinement.

Melania Trump visited Thursday the Upbring of New Hope Children’s Center in Texas, where the children of Mexican families that illegally cross the border, be trapped. The first lady talked with health care providers, who are its policyholders well for the children are taken care of.

“I am pleased to be here and I look forward to seeing the children, but I want you first to thank you for the heldenwerk that you do every day for these children”, said Trump to the employees. “I want to know what I can do to get these kids as quickly as possible back to their parents.’

In the Upbring of New Hope Children’s Center sit down to 55 children between 12 and 17 years. Six among them were separated from their parents after they had tried the border crossing.

Trump is under pressure from family

According to American media played the press that Melania had an important role in the decision of president Trump Wednesday to families who will be picked up at the border in the future together to close. “We need a country that comply with the laws, but also a country that controls the heart’, had the first lady earlier understood.

‘Ivanka is very sensitive, my wife is very sensitive to, I am very sensitive to. I think anyone with a heart are very sensitive to it. We see families do not like to be separated’, referring also Trump himself at his decision to the influence of his family.

The trip to Texas is the main trip that Melania is doing since she is on may 14, a nieroperatie underwent. Thus appeared the first lady, several days not in the public.

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