Manor Muhammad Ali in the sale

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Lonnie Ali, the widow of the late Muhammad Ali, sells the house in which the boxing legend once lived and trained. He bought the farm in Berrien Springs, Michigan in 1975 and left there even a real boxing ring in the gym install.

Muhammad Ali

The potential buyer should be 1.8 million euros to pay for the property, which is surrounded by a large piece of land of 81 acres. This yet another house, a steam room, a massage room, and an official basketball court. There are also several garages for cars.

The deceased boxing champion was recently in the news, because the American president Donald Trump is considering him a posthumous pardon to grant. Ali was ever convicted by a military court, because he is service refused during the war in Vietnam. He was arrested and lost his world title and his bokslicentie. He appeared three years not in the ring. In 1971 drew Muhammad with success an appeal against his sentence to the U.s. supreme court.

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