Macrons troops ‘is on the edge of the ‘ burn-out’

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‘The macronie is on the edge of the ‘ burn-out’, titlethe Le Monde yesterday. Ministers, officials, kabinetsmedewerkers of the president… they are, according to the newspaper, all nearly burned out and exhausted.

Cause the blistering rhythm that the president calls them to do, they were told by various sources to the newspaper. “We have fourteen months without a holiday behind the molars, and that has both physical and mental consequences, we draw from our reserves,” said an adviser of the government.

Not only Macrons irrepressible urge to act, and also the savings are in debt to the fatigue which his entourage in the grip. A minister should the president have more than ten employees, a secretary of state five. Previously counted the cabinets, sometimes there’s thirty to forty. Was intended the officers to be more involved in the decision-making process.

Not to stop

A day begins for a cabinettard typical at seven o’clock in the morning, and ends only after midnight. There is at any hour meetings, also on Sunday.

The problem was half a year ago already wide-spread in the French press. So would premiere dame Brigitte Macron in december in the middle of the night in the Elysée a meeting of her husband with his immediate staff shutted down. But apparently, no-one has since managed the president really slow it down.

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