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Litecoin founder compares TRON’s purchase of BitTorrent with AOL’s purchase of time Warner

31822e23cc0ced48889d12a51746a7f3 - Litecoin founder compares TRON’s purchase of BitTorrent with AOL's purchase of time Warner

The purchase of TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, the has taken for a goodly sum BitTorrent, reminiscent of Charlie Lee to the purchase of AOL, which has bought the media group time Warner a few years ago. Lee speculated, what are the objectives of TRON Founder Sun followed with this acquisition.

It further Detials on BitTorrent, have become known Deal: TechCrunch reported that BitTorrent for 140 million US dollars has been sold to Justin Sun. Still unclear, the possible targets, the Sun followed up with this purchase. Charlie Lee was peppered within his Community with questions, comments this step.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee reminded the purchase of AOL, to be acquired in times of crisis during the Dot-Com bubble, the media company time Warner.

In order to provide a rising Shitstorm no place, he added that he wants to rate TRON is neither negative, nor about to move. He sees in this a Parallel to the story of the acquisition. AOL has bought in a time of crisis a different company that has a solid business model. Lee referred to the purchase as “very smart”.

Justin Sun has not responded officially to this mega deal, so still a variety of speculation in the room, such as Sun BitTorrent in the future, profitable to use and what is the exact reason of the Acquisition.

Meanwhile, the crypto market of the headlines about the Bithumb seems to have Hack recovered, and some crypto-currencies show strong price gains in the last 24 hours.

Of course, TRON is rising + 6.98 per cent at a price of 0.042 euros per TRX. With a market capitalization of just under 2.8 billion euros TRON space 9 of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

Litecoin rises slightly in the course of + 1.46 per cent and stands at the time of writing at a price of 84,60 Euro. The market capitalisation is 4.8 billion Euro, Litecoin currencies, ranked by 6 of the largest Crypto.

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