Koko, the gorilla that sign language could’, died

In the U.s. California is the famous gorilla Hanabi-ko (Koko, at the age of 46 died. Koko was known because they would have succeeded in sign language to learn, but the gorilla would also have a strange fondness for cats.

“The Gorilla Foundation have to the sad news that our beloved Koko died,” explained the research centre that the female western lowland gorillas studied. Hanabi-ko – Japanese for ‘vuurwerkkind’ – saw on July 4, 1971 was born in the zoo of San Francisco. She lived most of her life with professor Francine Patterson in Woodside, and died there at the age of 46 in her sleep.

Professor Patterson studied Koko and taught the gorilla sign language, according to the Foundation. Koko was soon famous. The images of an encounter with the late actor Robin Williams went around the world. The gorilla was also two times the front page of National Geographic.

Yet, there were also scientists that Koko’s knowledge of the sign language in a doubt attracted. So there were little data available on the arts of the gorilla. Critics also raised that Koko just conditioned was to perform gestures to do because she was rewarded with food. The gestures of the gorilla were additionally interpreted by its caretakers, who, in a series of random gestures to a meaningful message saw.

A kitten for christmas

In 1983 asked Koko, according to his caretakers for christmas is a cat. The Foundation gave him a hug, but that would be the gorilla not happy with it, and they would be very time the word ‘sorry’ aimed. On her birthday, if Koko therefore, in 1984, a kitten, choose a box with abandoned kitties.

According to professor Patterson made Koko for the kitten, that they ‘All Ball’ would be baptized, as if it is her own child. She would have tried her to breastfeed. The beautiful song lasted not long, because ‘All Ball’ escaped in december of the same year from Koko’s cage and was also killed by a car. To which Koko ‘bad, bad, bad ” and ” frown, weep, frown, sad’ would be aimed at.

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