Jerry Springer quits

d9393f0a2f892c608ac539c09b705e7b - Jerry Springer quits

After more than 4000 episodes, 27 seasons and 17 years of age comes to an end one of the most controversial talk-show ever: The Jerry Springer Show stops.

Who did Dr. Phil already caused uproar, the show of Jerry Springer. The presenter, however, no topic, turned to his guests against each other and attracted regular big fights. Not for nothing, there is always security present to the guests literally pull apart.

But now comes an end to this ’freak show’. Remarkably enough, this announcement almost unnoticed. Both Springer as his bosses keep tight-lipped. NBC, however, know that The Jerry Springer Show is not completely disappear, reruns are still airing. According to a producer of the show is also talked about the possibility of new episodes, but this has not been confirmed.

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