Jef Van Echelpoel sets OverKop song ‘Sometimes’ for

5fdd742aa168218aec5e264c11ff5d59 - Jef Van Echelpoel sets OverKop song 'Sometimes' for

Tijs Vanneste, alias Jef Van Echelpoel, presented this morning his new song ‘Sometimes’ in the ochtendshow of Qmusic. ‘Sometimes’ is the OverKop-song of Red Noses Day.

With the money raised from Red Nose Day 2016, more than four million euros, were five Overkop-houses established. Which serve as rest areas for young people, where they without the threshold can visit. Professional psychological help is offered, because everybody has it difficult. That is also the message that Tijs Vanneste want to give with ‘Sometimes’.
He calls in the number to be loving and caring with each other. A surprisingly understated song. “It is intended as a ray of hope which you can cling and by which you, in the best case the strength to make a new start,” says Vanneste to The Latest News. The singer previously worked as a creative therapist already working with vulnerable young people. He supports OverKop.
For good habit, we see Vanneste in the video clip, but also the actress Tina Maerevoet, writer Dalilla Hermans and Belgium’s Got Talent 2017-winners Baba Yega got a place in the clip. All they believe that the number is something for young people can do because it is a very important message we carry.

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