Japanese punished after three minutes early for lunch

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KOBE – A 64-year-old employee of a drinking water company in the Japanese city of Kobe is caught when he the office three minutes early, left to go to lunch. Something that he had better not be able to do.

The company offered on television to apologize by taking a deep bow. The man himself had a half-day salary to return.

“We regret this deeply. I’m sorry,” said the company in a speech. “The break is from twelve to one. He left his desk for the break.”

The man would more often early in the morning to go eat. So, from the window, saw that the man between september 2017 and march 2018 in a total of 26 times to early bento lunchbox went to pick up at a store around the corner.

On social media it is for the employee, writes The Guardian. So are the twitter users wondering if it also tracked how long the hard-working Japanese people to go to the toilet, and whether employees can smoke.

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