Italians love again reddingsschip ‘Vessels, but to the Netherlands’

1bd73b941ee201f467a05242dfb9b3ec - Italians love again reddingsschip ‘Vessels, but to the Netherlands’

In the Mediterranean Sea threatens again a reddingsschip to have to go ronddobberen because it’s not in an Italian port may moor.

The Lifeline, a 32-foot-long ship of the same name by German aid agency, has yesterday 226 migrants off the coast of Libya of a dinghy removed. Because there is a Dutch flag on the Lifeline floats, the Italian minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini that ship to the Netherlands must sail.

Salvini continued yesterday a video on his Facebook page in which he says: “The Lifeline sails under Dutch flag and has Dutch and German crew on board? Perfect. Bring that cargo from people, but to the Netherlands. I am convinced that they really are willing to your generosity to support. ’

In recent years, Italy has hundreds of thousands of bootmigranten collected. A part thereof was by reddingsschepen of organizations like Doctors without Borders and Save the Children to Southern Italian ports. But the new government in Rome says that the ngo-ships ‘zeetaxi’s’ is that the lucrative human trafficking. Last week, if the vessel Aquarius of Doctors without Borders with 629 migrants on board, therefore, not in Italy moor; the ship turned to Spain.

Yesterday denied the Dutch representation to the EU that the Netherlands vlaggenstaatverantwoordelijkheid for the Lifeline. It is owned by a German ngo and is not in the Dutch shipping register, there was a popular twitter topic.

The Italian minister of Transport, Danilo Toninelli, wants this matter to the bottom to find out. Toninelli said last night: ’If it turns out that the flag on the Lifeline that is not consistent with his nationality, then we’re going to the ship to take the people to absorb.’

Lifeline launched yesterday via a tweet, a call that is looking for a safe harbor to moor.

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