Is Cristiano Ronaldo gay?

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It’s buzzing all times of the rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo engaged with Georgina Rodriguez. That the brunette, now spotted with a huge diamond to her ring finger, it seems this gossip finally confirm…

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

During the world cup match of Portugal against Morocco is also Georgina present in Moscow to her boyfriend and the club to encourage. The observant viewer, however, falls quickly on that her ring finger is now graced with a remarkably large and beautiful ring. The two now finally engaged? The couple, the rumors have not been denied, perhaps also in this situation the proverbial “who remains silent, agrees”.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez have since 2016, together, in november, they got their first child together. The footballer has three other children.

Georgina Rodriguez was spotted with a large glimmer to her ring finger.

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