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ICON is growing up: Mainnet and Token Swap, in front of the door

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The procession of the ICON Foundation on its own Blockchain is just in front of the door. Here you get everything you need to know about it.

The company, ICON has set itself the task, to combine the Cryptography with the real world. The goal is a balancing act between Marketing and technology in everyday life. The concept of the “Hyper-connect” tries to leave different Blockchain systems to communicate with each other, to be able to data exchange. With your Coin “ICX” are you on different platforms.

ICX was previously based on Ethereums Blockchain and the ERC20-Standard. So far, ICX-Tokens, which were issued in the past year, a 43 million USD, the ICO found that the investors only liquidity available to serve any functional purpose.

In the framework of the Mainnet launch and the Token Swaps, the ERC20 ICX tokens are now against the ICX Coins exchanged. Is exchanged, as usual, one-to-one: 1 ERC20 ICX Token = 1 ICX Mainnet Coin.

Users have up to 25. September time, the Token-Swap via the official ICONex-run Wallet, the Mainnet Coins be distributed on the day. In addition, three crypto-confirmed-Exchanges, that you will support the Token Swap for all up to date, made deposits.

For the Token-Swap so there are the following possibilities:

  1. Exchange the Token through ICONex:
    With the Swap function of the ICONex-Wallets you can share your ERC20 ICX Token directly, and as a “Mainnet-ICX-Coins” in the ICONex ICX Wallet slide.
    Planned period: 25.06.2018 (13.00 UTC +9) to 25.09.2018 (13.00 UTC +9)
  2. Exchange of tokens of a stock exchange:
    You should keep ERC20 ICX Token on a stock exchange, no further steps are necessary. The exchanges Binance, Upbit and Bithumb swap the ERC20 ICX Token automatically in ICX Mainnet Coins.

The exchange takes place in the following period of time:

  • Binance: 20.06.2018 (09: 00 UTC +9)
  • Upbit: 20.06.2018 (22: 00 UTC +9
  • Bithumb: 21.06.2018 (22: 00 UTC +9)

ICONs partner exchange Bithumb was the victim of a hacker attack and has all the trading activities, as well as payments to and paused. It is not clear whether the incident will have an impact on the Token Swap.

The Team of ICON indicates that from the age of 18. June Binance, Upbit and Bithumb the official partner exchanges to support the exchange of the Token. ICON:

ERC20 ICX Token must be received from the stock exchanges before the expiry of the time limits for the exchange. All ICX and disbursements are interrupted by the stock exchanges until the exchange process of the stock exchanges is completed. The Details can be found in the respective stock exchange announcements.

For more important information on the part of ICON:

  • ICX tokens, which were acquired through an Airdrop, not have to go through the exchange process. These are already ICX Mainnet Token
  • It SCAM may be Trying to spend as ICON. The official ICX Token exchange is carried out only over ICONex, Binance, Upbit and Bithumb. If you SCAM Try to discover, such as, for example, to Send the ICX to a single Wallet for the exchange, with notify ICON immediately:
  • The swapped Mainnet tokens are stored in the OCONex Wallet. This starts with “hx”, not in the ICONex Wallet, which begins with “0x”. Please send your ICX Mainnet Token not on ETH-based Wallets such as MyEtherWallet (MEW).
  • Hardware Wallets, which support ICX Mainnet Token, are in development.

We remain, of course, to keep you up-to-date.

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