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Horizons: Toronto Stock Exchange lists new Blockchain-ETF

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The Toronto Stock Exchange lists new Blockchain ETFs. The Horizons Blockchain Technology and Hardware Index ETF will form part of the existing ETFs, the Harvest Portfolio Group, as well as the Evolve Funds Group, Inc. With the financial instruments of Horizons should it be for investors in the future risk-free to invest in Blockchain-companies.

The first approach between traditional financial products and the Blockchain technology already took place last December, with the Bitcoin Futures. The CBOE and the CME merged with the Bitcoin world and the traditional financial system. In January, ETF BLCN and Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF BLOK the first two Blockchain ETFs followed with the Reality Shares Nasdaq-NexGen Economy. However, here one must very clearly distinguish between financial products that crypto-currencies represent, and funds invested in companies that, in turn, are represented in the Blockchain-Business. While ETFs currencies in Crypto so far, still no approval from the major regulatory authorities are equity ETFs is not a regulatory Problem.

Now, the canadian Toronto Stock Exchange in accordance with the Blockchain Technology and Hardware Index ETF. The new ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the aim of capturing the Index of the corporate Hive, Blockchain Technologies, Nvidia, and Digital Realty Trust.

The Horizons ETF BKCH is based on the Solactive Blockchain Technology and Hardware Index. He is so focused on Hardware and Services.

Horizons wants to make Blockchain-investment safer

Thus, Horizons wants to make the investment in Blockchain-companies for investors to secure. Steve Hawkins, Co-managing Director of Horizons, said to Bloomberg:

“We don’t know what each of the Blockchain-companies will be successful, we will have no idea what is the extent of the Blockchain applications, but we do know that people need to invest in the infrastructure to the Blockchain forward. […] Investors should invest in the established global Blockchain infrastructure, without necessarily having to be risks when investing in Blockchain Startups.“

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