Helena Bonham Carter took sewing lessons for Ocean’s 8

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Bonham Carter wanted her role as a designer convincingly drop

Helena Bonham Carter wanted sewing lessons for the filming of Ocean’s 8 started, because they wanted to see if someone who is starting from zero in a dress, could make. The British actress plays in the new film, the Irish designer Rose Weil. She’s in the tabloids often ridiculed because of her sense of clothes and therefore she wanted to be there in the movie not only look good, but also that it looked like she knew what she was doing. “Even if Rose is no longer on the top of her’s, she is a very experienced designer,” explains Helena to WENN, “so I wanted to look like I have a dress.”

“That is the gift of what I do – you get to see the world through the eyes of another. As Rose was through the eyes of a designer, which for me is a completely different experience.” For her research to perfection, brought the actress days on the kostuumafdeling, she took sewing lessons and she learned to drape.

Her research has paid off and she now gets a lot of praise from critics. Also Sandra Bullock, the cast leads, it is satisfied and found it very nice to be with Bonham Carter work together: “Helena is the queen,” says Bullock with pure admiration. “I’ve never seen a more unique and prefer to man met. And you never know where they’re going in a scene; it would be in a certain way can be written and then… there goes Helena. They forced us to be light on our feet to continue.”

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