Heartbreaking farewell in the Family

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Several Family-viewers had Thursday night might need some tissues during the penultimate episode of this week. The emotions arising after all high on when a refugee Ayo (Adams Mensah) gets to hear that he is today on the plane back to Nigera.
The storyline around the character of Ayo started in February 2018, when he from Nigeria living in Belgium illegally landed and came in contact with Benny (Roel Vanderstukken) and Stefanie (Jasmine Van Hoof). Stefanie took immediately to his fate and put everything in the work to Ayo’s security guarantee. The two beraamden even a marriage of convenience. But the bond between Ayo and Stefanie was getting closer and feelings strike the head. Their love could the cell marriage of convenience, however, not convincing: the faithful did not by and Ayo ended up in a closed asielcentrum in anticipation of his expulsion. That is tonight’s a fact.
Ayo and Stefanie say goodbye and that is emotionally. “This is not where it ends. I will find my way back to you”, says Ayo for the two torn apart. The goodbye is final? Stefanie promised Ayo, after all, to follow him to Nigeria. But she leaves her life in Belgium, really behind to be with him? And what does this news with Benny?

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