Hanna Verboom and National Geographic are going to do more

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Hanna Verboom and National Geographic in the future more closely together. Verboom made for the channel, a series of interviews about plastic pollution. Under the heading of #Stopmetplastic she asks the entire month of June attention to plastic waste in the sea. After this successful action to talk to the actress and National Geographic among others, the development of a number of thematic programmes.

“National Geographic is a very strong brand where I have been since childhood, a big fan of ben,” explains Verboom. “Our cooperation is like very good and tastes like more.” She founded three years ago, the filmplatform Cinetree, and is engaged in a number of formats for this to develop.

With actions, interviews and documentaries on National Geographic and Cinetree asks Verboom this month at various places, attention to the ’plastic soup’, and for the solutions. “It is a big problem, every year end up 9 billion pounds of plastic in the sea, plastic-digesting it so it continues to accumulate. Sea creatures are dying in droves and so, in the end, also on our plate with the consequences. Fortunately, we can all here what to do; by wegwerpplastic to refuse, to clean and recycle.”

Beach cleaning

Verboom is on Sunday 24 June along with hundreds of volunteers and beaches cleaned in Zandvoort and Scheveningen. “These are small steps, but understand the small changes in behaviour of one or two persons can, over time, a huge difference.”

The activist is also well aware of the fact that awareness is a lengthy process. “You notice, however, that it helps to continue to proclaim the message,” says Verboom. “Several large companies, such as Lidl, Ikea and McDonald’s, have this month promised to their production of wegwerpplastic quite back to screws. That is really to thank for all those consumers who have indicated that they would like change and want to see.”

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