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From showcase for purchase: ICO marketing experience from TV-TWO

3ca4a41867f42852a50608b8240e582c - From showcase for purchase: ICO marketing experience from TV-TWO

Today, the fourth edition of the weekly article series with experience reports of the alignment of the ICOs. Every Thursday gives us the Team of TV-TWO insights into your business and your current ICO.

The founding team is sworn in. The white paper, velvet, Token Economy, and sales strategy has received the last finishing touches. The GitHub page is filled with Code. The Roadshow is planned. In other words, the ICO is a done deal, and takes more and more shape.

Now it’s time to draw attention. With hundreds of projects, this is easier said than done. Without data-driven Marketing, the ICO will be a major challenge. You manage to position themselves in the fight for the favor of the investors in the first series, so these are not convinced for a long time.

Step 1: The Showcase

The classic showcase of the numerous fairs and conferences on the topic of Blockchain and ICOs, which are held around the globe. WBF, Block Show or Crypto Investor Show – together with the Advisory Board should be critically decided, which Events are promising. Where it is sufficient to be visitors, where you should strive to Stand, and presentation on stage? An event overview can be found in Coindesk.

They want to present themselves online to the masses to crypto investors, so between Listing pages and Rating sites are different. Listing pages, such as, for example, ICO is Alert or Coinschedule, to call exclusively the name of the project, and the most important points.

Because of the unique orientation of the medium for ICO investors, it is of course very exciting here. The basic idea of Rating pages for the Investor are even more interesting, because here in addition, a (expert) evaluation is presented. Due to the often superficial research, and subjective statements such assessments, however, are always to be questioned. ICO Drops and ICObench here are the most popular pages.

Of course, each potential ICO participants on the said trade fairs, Listing or Rating sites is Far from being on the road. In order to reach a wider mass, traditional advertising networks, such as Facebook and Google. Although, in the meantime, both providers as well as Twitter ICO have banned the advertising, you will still find ways by, for example, the product instead of the ICOs will be advertised.

Step 2: The Reminder

Of course, the classic Online Marketing channels are predestined to re-addresses the target group, so-called Retargeting. To go a step further, you can work with specialized crypto-networks like CoinAd or Cointraffic advertising.

A robust press presence also offers other important, organic Touchpoints. Positive report of the trust in the project. The interest of the consumer is awakened, offer forums like bitcoin talk, Reddit, or the Telegram-group important interaction surface. Potential investors can talk to each other and at the same time, important questions through the Team and get them answered.

For TV TWO the contact between the Community and the founding team is very important. On platforms like Telegram, all interested parties may directly communicate with the founders of the project. The Newsletter and the Blog Medium are to be classified at the end of the memory channel. The interest is already understood to be acute and the Business Model. Now it is on the basis of strong news to convince.

Step 3: The Purchase

You can now draw attention to the final step is the conversion to the Token. In addition to the Newsletter and the Blog Medium, the Fan Pages on Facebook and Twitter is very important to proclaim positive messages.

The direct contact between the Community and the Team in addition to Telegram and E-Mail also very nice over the Intercom Integration on the Website and Investment platform map. The Website is often the final criterion.

As presented to the Team? There is a working product? What partners are on Board? How is a rating of the project? There are instructions on the product and the token purchase?

In particular, the last steps, you should not leave the Investor alone.
Important: After the purchase is before buying. According to the experience of TV-TWO of the most buyers invest more than once. This knowledge should always be respected.

The Special Case

Surely Influencer Marketing is to compare it first with the shop-window level. However, some Influencers have the ability and the Community, to the entire marketing process to the buying themselves.

In the ideal case, the first Influencer on YouTube, Twitter and Telegram from own initiative report on the project. In addition, it offers to make as ICO advertising for the own name and to present themselves offline as well as online Influencers.

Basically, it is the same process as with any Investor, it’s the First so this will give it at least 2-3 of his colleagues. The organic development of the word-of-mouth is finally the last and possibly most important marketing medium for a successful ICO.

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