Freek Vonk: ’snake bite is the cause of poverty’

fd1363515d761b7f17caf2e568d7b513 - Freek Vonk: ’snake bite is the cause of poverty’

Freek Vonk is hard for victims of snake bites. The tv-biologist and slangenonderzoeker of Naturalis therefore organises from Friday a two-day scientific conference.

Freek Vonk

“In the past years, governments and health organizations, too little attention is given to snake bites, especially when compared with hiv, malaria or diarrhea,” says Spark. Worldwide die each year about 150,000 people to a poisonous snakebite. “Snake bites are both a cause and a consequence of poverty.”

“It helps if people wear shoes where snakes do not through can bite and as beds on legs so that snakes are not able to crawl,” admits the 35-year-old television presenter as some of the solutions in de Volkskrant. A universal medicine against snake bites, there is not, however, and Spark calls for better research. “There needs to be research to new and better antiserum – this is already happening 120 years in the same way.”

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