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Freedom of the Press Foundation accepts a variety of crypto-currencies

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The American Freedom of the Press Foundation, various crypto-currencies for donations now accepted. The charitable Foundation has made, especially through the development of Whistleblower solution secure drop. Basically, it is the members to strengthen the worldwide freedom of press and speech for the purpose of an independent formation of opinion.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) announced on 18. June is known that for donations, the crypto-Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash currencies can be used. According to the blog post is a part of the funds to be used for the further development of the secure platform, secure-drop on the communication between journalists and whistleblowers. After the initial development by Aaron Swatz and Kevin Poulsen, the Association took over the development in October 2013. Various publications such as the Washington Post, The Intercept, The Guardian, or the German Heinz Heise Verlag use this platform for anonymous tips from the public. Known active members of the FPF, for example, is Edward Snowden, Journalist Glenn Greenwald, filmmaker Laura Poitras, or as a technical Advisor to Jacob Poulsen Appelbaum, and Kevin.

Mainframe donated to the ETH value of over 460,000 Euro

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The Blockchain-business Mainframe donated to the announcement of the new options is 1,000 Ethereum for the benefit of the non-profit organization. The management of the Mainframe is convinced that we are currently at a crossroads. Who is advocating now for the protection of the privacy and security, had to watch all of our privacy is only as a distinct reminder in the memory of the Mainframe. The donation will help the organization in the pursuit of global freedom of the press and the prevention of Manipulation by digital means. Everyone should be the master of his own data.

The Blockchain in the fight against censorship and Monitoring?

Also, the Freedom of the Press Foundation is convinced that decentralized Blockchain technologies have the potential to protect your users successfully against Surveillance and censorship. Therefore, the FPF wants to check the planned Mainframe platform in the future. This newly created Form of the Internet is to have Power, according to the eponymous manufacturer much. It is intended to help the control of data back and at the same time the press give more freedom.

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