Fraser welcomes Grant at Sparta

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ROTTERDAM – Sparta has defender Xandro Schenk attracted.

Xandro Schenk replaces the shirt from Go Ahead Eagles for that of Sparta.

The 25-year-old Grant is over of Go Ahead Eagles, for which he vijfenhalf years played. The multi-purpose defender, who is also on the civil society can play, signed a contract for two years at The Castle.

“With Go Ahead Eagles promoted Xandro two times already and with Sparta, we’ll be a third time”, says technical manager Henk van Stee. “It is my intention Sparta’s stay in the first division as quickly as possible,” said Pour yourself. “At this time, there’s already a very good selection that we have for promotion.”

Henk Fraser, the new coach of Sparta, was already a defender Giliano Wijnaldum, striker Lars Veldwijk and goalkeeper Tim Coremans welcome.

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