Film with Peter Heerschop wins in Hawaii

The Dutch television film The Heart of Hadiah Tromp is in the awards at the award ceremony of the Honolulu Film Awards. The musical comedy was named best foreign language film in the selection. The awards were this week awarded in the capital of the American state of Hawaii, made producer Ice water Films Thursday known.

The Heart of Hadiah Tromp is a musical romantic comedy with an infectious ska music on the half Jamaican, quirky Hadiah Tromp, that of her father’s career in the navy. But Hadiah think training but nothing. She listens at home to her collection of old ska records.

The leading roles are played by Chloé Leenheer, Valentine Benard and Peter Heerschop. The film was, this spring, broadcast on Dutch national television and is still to be seen on NPOGemist.

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