Ex-lawyer: Bill Cosby claps from the school

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Tom Mesereau, one of the lawyers who Bill Cosby earlier this month the avenue was sent, picks now stage. He is going to be story about the Cosby case tell to private investigator Scott Ross, who has a radio show on KCAA Radio.

Bill Cosby

Scott is in the clouds with his guest, all the more so because it is his first show on the station. “I appreciate it tremendously that Tom me has been selected to be about Cosby to speak”, he tells Radar Online. He will Mesereau questions about the condemnation of the once celebrated actor. The former lawyer of Dr. Huxtable is no stranger in Hollywood. Previously, he worked for Michael Jackson, Sylvester Stallone and Chris Brown.

The relationship between Cosby and his team of lawyers came under pressure when the 80-year-old comedian guilty was found to have the drugging and abuse of Andrea Constant. Also accused dozens of other women to him of sexually unacceptable behavior. At the end of september are two court days scheduled in which Cosby gets to hear what punishment he gets. He risks a prison sentence of up to thirty years.

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