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Ethereum Classic, Nano and BAT rise: Rebound in sight?

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The crypto currency market is trending sideways and seems to be from yesterday’s shock, the Hack the crypto exchange Bithumb to have slowly caught up. Ethereum Classic, Nano, and Basic Attention Token to rise above average. When the time comes for a Rebound the entire market?

The crypto währungsg market for a number of weeks of sideways, and the COP is currently still awaited. Despite the negative headline of the Exchange Bithumb caused a commotion, not the market reacted with a sharp drop in price, but rather on the spot.

The market capitalization varies for 7 days, from 270 billion to $ 295 billion, and as of the time of writing, at 288 billion dollars. Nevertheless, the history of the Charts shows that, presumably, the whales get off to continue kicking in the market.

The us mostly asked question is currently, when the market back to the top will go and the COP takes the helm. Although there are regular Hacks of crypto-currency exchanges, so none of these events has forced the market ever in the knee.

The technology and innovations to bring to the cryptocurrencies around the world achieve enormous progress and the adaptation continues to progress unhindered. It is completely regardless of whether prices rise, fall, or whether once again a crypto stock market is affected by a hacker attack.

Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, in a yesterday’s Interview to CNBC, Hacks, and other influences to the daily life of the crypto market, but not the basic foundations of Bitcoin and cryptographic currencies in question (freely translated):

If Exchanges are not protect the Coins well enough, and hacked, change the not really the basics of the Coins, the you protect.

Lee describes the current Situation of the market quite clearly as a bear market, however, this is not a reason to panic and claim the Bitcoin, and co. have died, or never again in the course will rise.

He clearly points out that the development of Bitcoin is not going forward properly “going really well” and that the current price of Bitcoin widerspigelt the progress of the current development (freely translated):

disjointed from the actual development of Bitcoin.

Lee also performs, that the Rebound of the market can take place at any time, but also the bear market may dominate the next few years (freely translated):

I am now in the last seven to eight years, in this area, and I’ve seen the last three to four years of bear markets. So, this could be a market for three to four years, or he could have a rest tomorrow.

Three crypto-currencies have risen within the last 24 hours especially.

Ethereum Classic recorded a price increase of + 9,21 percent to a price of 16.64 USD per Coin. With a market capitalization of $ 1.7 billion ETC ranks 18th among the biggest Cryptocurrencies in the world.

NANO has also seen a price increase of + 6.84% to 2.88 dollars per NANO. With a market capitalisation of 384 million dollars, NANO space 37 of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

Basic Attention tokens listed within the Top 50 of the largest rate increase of + 11,82 percent to 0.27 dollars per BAT. BAT is currently ranked 49 of the largest crypto-currency and has a market capitalization of $ 275 million.

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