Engelkes makes musical of in Love with Ibiza

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Theatre producer Rick Engelkes is going to be a women of the successful movie in Love with Ibiza. The producer, who themselves in the film and television series made, to let you know that this large-scale musical from season 2019-2020 by the Netherlands on tour.

A part of the cast of ‘in Love with Ibiza’ from left to right: Louis Talpe, Sanne Langelaar, Rick Engelkes, Marly van der Velden, Manuel Broekman, Geza Weisz, Kees Tol.

In love with Ibiza is one of the best visited Dutch feature films of the past few years. The romantic comedy from director Johan Nijenhuis tells about the romantic troubles of a large number of people on the island of Ibiza on holiday. The film drew in 2013, more than 700,000 visitors.

“It is a production in the line of our musicals Vamos and Expedition Island”, Rick Engelkes know. It is still unclear who started playing in the women of in Love with Ibiza. Engelkes itself will not be in the production. Nijenhuis is the women are not directing.

The auditions will be starting shortly. The premiere is scheduled for fall 2019.

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