Dutch film wins American LGBT-price

de6f2748ea66f1f6177027c06df4a84f - Dutch film wins American LGBT-price

The short Dutch film to Turn it Around by director Niels Bourgonje was awarded to the San Diego LGBT Film Festival. The NPO-production, starring Tonko Forests and Valentine Ave, was awarded as the best short film/man, made the festival on the website.

Other awards at the festival went to big stars like Matt Bomer, John Carroll Lynch, Molly Shannon and Paul Rudd (Ant Man). According to experts, it was the best edition of the San Diego Film Festival in years.

Turn it Around, talks about Bram, the popular boy at his school. He has a close-knit gang of friends, and enough hot girls that fall for him. There is only one problem: except for his parents, no one knows that Bram is a homosexual.

It is the first price for Turn it Around. The short film went to last year in its premiere on the Dutch Film Festival and was on the occasion of Coming Out Day, 11 October, broadcast on NPO3Lab.

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