Drummer Blink-182 again in hospital

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Travis Barker, drummer of Blink-182, is again in the hospital. Earlier this week he was dismissed after an earlier recording, but the condition of Barker is so serious that the doctors brought him again to cover.

Travis Barker

Travis came last week to the hospital with multiple blood clots in his body, and as a result now suffer from skin infections and staphylococcus. Blink-182 was therefore forced a number of shows in Las Vegas to say. The band had just started with their permanent residence at the Palms Hotel & Casino.

On social media, let the group know: “Travis may not take any action of the doctors, to prevent further damage. Until the beginning of July, he will not play and then we’ll look at how he looks.”

Travis showed itself in a statement last week know that he is the ’terrible is not to act’.

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