Dorianne Aussems felt at school abnormally

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Dorianne Aussems presents from september Generation M to MNM. Recently got them on tv the lack of female role models for lesbian girls. “I have someone really missed in my life,” she says in The Latest News. “On my 10th, I was in love with a girl, on my 19th I had my first girlfriend. But that period in between was anything but easy. I felt abnormally at school. A well known person, which shows that it is just to get women to fall, it means really much. Therefore, I find it ideal that I now other girls can help with the ‘Generation M’. Not that I have a heading to go to dedicate, but they can contact me.” That already happens, since her outing is her mailbox full of responses from young women. “Very personal stories they share with me, often very painful to read. I myself work in the media and I have a family that is very open in that area, but that is not for everyone. I want something to do.”

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