Disney strike ‘Star Wars’spin-offs after disappointing ‘Han Solo’movie

fab759c640d792da691c9c398efa7ed8 - Disney strike 'Star Wars'spin-offs after disappointing 'Han Solo'movie

Disney will will be no new spin-offs of “Star Wars”. So would be the production of the film about the character Obi-Wan Kenobi shut down.

Previously there was also talk of a movie about the character Boba Fett, but that would also be shelved. According to various sources of filmblog Collider to focus the producers focused entirely on ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’.

Reason for the disappointing numbers of ” Solo: A Star Wars Story, the spin-off about a young Han Solo.

Disney, in 2012, Lucasfilm overkocht for $ 4 billion (3.5 billion euros), announced last year a new trilogy of the film. That would now be the main focus of the studio.

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