‘Disney stops spin-off Star Wars after the Solo flop

0645f0842295760424740d4f3840a563 - 'Disney stops spin-off Star Wars after the Solo flop

Film studio Disney are going for the time being not to further the development of spin-offs from the film series Star Wars. This is decided after the tame reactions and relatively poor performance at the box office Solo, the spin-off on the popular character Han Solo.

According to filmblog Collider are both the own film about Boba Fett as the planned film about Obi-Wan Kenobi for the time being in the job. The producers of the series want to now concentrate fully on the ninth official part, that is about one and a half year.

Solo: A Star Wars Story tells about the childhood of Han Solo. During the recording, it was a new director appointed since the movie is too funny. Disney bought in 2012 the rights for all the Star Wars movies and attractions for more than $ 4 billion from creator George Lucas. It is after the ninth part, in each case, there is a new ‘official’ trilogy in the planning.

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