’Detention centers US to give children anti-depressants’

0922ecb82bbc6f41f5bd8b55fd5cb20d - ’Detention centers US to give children anti-depressants’

LOS ANGELES – immigrant children get in American shelters are structurally and coercion a wide range of tranquilizers administered to their trauma to deal with. That they have suffered because they are locked and, in some cases, are separated from their parents.

Fear in the eyes of a woman from Honduras and her daughter.

Children who are detained in centres such as the Shiloh Treatment Center in Texas to get almost certainly prescribed medication, regardless of their condition, and without the consent of their parents. That the Centre for human Rights and constitutional law in Los Angeles in a lawsuit that it has brought.

The lawsuit was filed on april 16, a few days after the government Trump the zero tolerance policy had been introduced to children to separate from parents who are illegal the Mexican-American border pass. President Trump and the policy Wednesday reversed.

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