Derksen: Thierry Baudet is particularly irritating and pedantic

e55165b6129f511378ee40c1ee1a169d - Derksen: Thierry Baudet is particularly irritating and pedantic

Johan Derksen is by Thierry Baudet invited to during the collection of Forum for Democracy to speak. “I start with the older some right-wing traits to exhibit, and he is actually the upscale version of Wilders,” said Derksen in VI Orange Stays at Home.

”I think of him with Theo Hiddema, Theo is my favorite, but a good torque. But now it seemed to Thierry that I have a speech to do on the collection. The majority of young people do not think and jolt behind that ventriloquist Party, but it seems that there are also a lot of behind Baudet.”

Derksen know, incidentally, whether or not he is going to do: “I have my calendar with me. So I have to take a look, since I am very busy as you know. He said to me: ’you will find me according to me an incredible l*l. I said that that was true and that I him particularly irritating and pedantic in his presentation. Then he said, ” that says my mother also always. So there are more people that will stand out. I find him to be a talented boy, only his presentation is overdone.”

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