Clouseau, the Netherlands had ’already specified”

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Clouseau is Saturday on the stage at Parkpop in The Hague, something the brothers Wauters’t really expected.

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The Flemish band was in the nineties, popular in the Netherlands, but on some sporadic appearances after was then silent in our country Clouseau. “We had the Netherlands already specified”, says Kris Wauters. “The real fans came anyway to Antwerp. We also had enough to do in Belgium, such as the presentation of Idool, the Flemish version of the tv programme Pop Idol. The fifteen days off per year, we found too expensive to travel to the Netherlands for a ochtendradioprogrammaatje here or there.”

Even though she’s thirty years, the brothers still do not plan to stop making music and acting: as they made last year on a tour and they released a cd-box. “We are often asked how long we continue, and if we are not addicted to applause. Nothing is finer than your own music to keep playing. Koen and I have the best job in the world and that we would like to share with our audience,” says Kris in the AD.

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