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China: Siacoin-Mining-gear taken

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The Chinese police arrested in several cities so far, 16 people to the infection of an estimated 100,000 computers responsible. On the affected PC in at least 30 cities, was once mined for the benefit of the cyber criminals of the Siacoin (SC). The Acquisition of the computer you noted, because the PCs were suddenly very much slower and the power consumption increased drastically.

In China, country-wide active hacker group was able to implement with the Acquisition of numerous PCs since the beginning of 2017, a total of around 10,000 Yuan, equivalent to 800,000 US dollars. More than 100,000 computers are now expected to be in the whole of China by the malicious software affected.

According to police, employees of the maintenance companies of the Internet cafes have installed the malicious software on their Computer intentionally in order to spread it. The income from the illegal crypto-mining has divided then among the Participants. After infection, the devices were running about a third slower, the rest of the computing power engulfed the Mining Software. It was also the operators that their data were taken lines over the normal level. After the current billing irregularities, reported this to the operators of Internet cafes of the police.

Siacoin: maintenance companies as accomplices of the cyber criminals

A total of over 100 maintenance companies were involved in the illegal Deal. Even if the activities of the Criminals were limited, and do not, it is with the unwanted crypto mining by means of Siacoin far from over. The investigation by the Chinese police continue to run at full speed, as the news portal reports. To blame for the misery, only the close cooperation between the many corrupt maintenance companies and the hackers is not. Especially in the Internet cafes it would have to be less default, you would set up the calculator more often. In which case, you would have been automatically exempt from any and all Spy – and malware. In addition, Would not have taken the Trojans, the PCs not so much in hardware, which went hand in hand with an increase in the electricity bill and significantly more data traffic would not have noticed the matter, possibly until today.

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