Burger King by the substance to be tasteless campaign: ’Free burgers if you become pregnant footballer’

MOSCOW – Burger King has apologized for a social media campaign in Russia in which women were encouraged to be bezwangeren by a world cup footballer.

Women that this would happen, had a chance at the three million Russian rubles, converted more than 40,000 euros, and lifetime free burgers.

“Women, who are able to get the best voetbalgenen to develop, will be the basis for the success of Russian national team. Go for it! We believe in you!”, thus, the advertisement of the Burger King, which is on many critics could count when these online came.

A lot of people called the advertising misogynistic. Soon it was again taken offline by Burger King. Now, the company has thus also excuses made. Remarkably enough, came the ad the day after the statements of Tamara Pletnyova, a conservative politician. They called for women not to have sex with foreign soccer fans, and certainly not of another race.

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Or ad a comment with a touch should have been on Pletnyova’s statements, wanted to be a spokesman for Burger King, according to foreign media did not confirm. Or the free burgers are actually would be issued, they wouldn’t say.

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