Brahim makes after 5 years of new music

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After a break of five years, Brahim new music, let him know via social media. Much more than the title “In The Mood”, we know not currently. The Latest News writes that Brahim’s manager Bob Savenberg predicts that it will be a big hit.

Brahim was as a singer known after his participation in Idol 2003. He was fourth and the first songs he released were even a success in Morocco. Since 2011 Brahim DJ at MNM on the public broadcaster. “Fly” was so tentative his last song that he released and that is dating from the summer of 2013.
Last year announced Brahim that he again wanted to be able to focus on making new music. That time is now so come.
We are in any case curious as to how the new single from Brahim will sound.

(Nico Vanaken)

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