‘Brad Pitt saw no other option than to go to court to kids’

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Brad Pitt has long tried to access arrangements for his children with Angelina Jolie to discuss, but were ultimately no other option than go to court.

Middle of June it became known that a judge had decided that Jolie and her ex-husband too few allowed their joint children. The judge said in his judgment: the actress had Pitt more opportunity to his children to see. US Magazine writes Thursday that Pitt is no other option more saw than the over the right play.

“He has long tried together with Angelina. He had a lot more to the right steps, but did not. Now he was ready with kind,” says an insider opposite the leaf.

The court ruled that, in the interest of the children is a healthy relationship with their father, and that Jolie had to ensure that there is adequate opportunity for the actor to Pax (14), Zahara (13), Shiloh (12), and Knox and Vivienne (9).

After the break, in september 2016, is announced, it came out that the 54-year-old Pitt for years to drinking a lot of alcohol. The children are with their mother are going to live and Pitt if they are at regular times and under the supervision visits.


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