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Bitcoin transaction fees to rise to Bithumb Hack extreme

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After we reported yesterday that the Bitcoin Hash Rate is in June to an all-time high, the news today that Bitcoin transaction fees are on the rise in the last 36 hours. The cause of the Bithumb Hack is probably.

According to yesterday’s average Bitcoin transaction fee of 6.85 US dollars per transaction. In comparison to the days before, for which the transaction fee was, on average, under $ 0.60, has been a tenfold increase in the fee now short term.

The cause is probably that Bithumb shifted its Bitcoin deposits in Cold Wallets, to save these, after hackers have stolen yesterday allegedly 31.5 million dollars from the stock market.

Up to now, is not quite clear when exactly the attack took place, in which crypto-currencies were stolen in the Hack, and what was the cause. However, Bithumb has stopped as of 00:53 PM all payments, and all assets in Cold Wallets to avoid further losses.

Bithumb the six largest crypto-currency exchange by trading volume, and the largest in South Korea. After Coinrail the second in South Korea-based crypto-currency exchange, which suffered in June, a Hack is Bithumb. At the beginning of the month has already been hacked Coinrail.

The chief of Bitrefill, a company which is the Recharge of Prepaid allows mobile phones with Bitcoin and Altcoins in Germany and around the world, Sergej Kotliar, claims that the increase is due to the fact that Bithumb transferred its Hot Wallets. On Twitter, he said:

It seems that Bithumb removes his Hot Wallets in order to secure the funds of the users, before hackers can get their hands on it. The current fees of the peaks are therefore likely to be only temporary and not a repetition of December and January, when the BTC transaction, increases the fees tremendously, and almost 50 USD per transaction.

In comparison to the days before the Mempool of Bitcoin has increased, as well as in December and January on a high level. The views of shows, however, that the Mempool has fallen since last night, about 3 am, but back to normal levels. The transaction fees should fall, therefore, now back to a normal level, the last few days.

Interesting Bithumb was spoken at the beginning of the month in South Korea, tax evasion, free, but received a payment of tax arrears in the amount of 28 million dollars. In some crypto enthusiasts, this is fuelling, therefore, the suspicion that something fishy is going on.

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