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Bitcoin and Ethereum ATM in the Amsterdam airport Schiphol is situated

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The eleventh largest airport in the world, Amsterdam airport Schiphol has installed a Bitcoin ATM in order to serve the needs of the traveler. On the machine both Bitcoin as well as Ethereum can be obtained.

In a press release yesterday, the operator of the Amsterdam airport Schiphol reported that a vending machine has been installed to both Bitcoin as well as Ethereum for travelers will be offered. Schiphol is the first European airport to offer a money vending machine opportunities for the exchange of crypto-currencies. Travelers should receive, according to Information of the airport in order for the possibility of their remaining euros for Bitcoin or Ethereum to the machine to exchange.

In the press release it says:

Schiphol is continuously working on innovations and offers an optimal Service for passengers. We hope we can serve you with the Bitcoin machine, the traveller, because you can just “trade local” Euros against the “global” Bitcoin or Ethereum. This can be useful because you can use in your home country is not a Euro more.

The ATM in Schiphol is a trial of six months. It should be investigated whether this Service meets the needs of the traveler. The machine is located in arrival hall 2 at the entrance to the departure halls 1 and 2. Many departing passengers to come to pass.

The test position is a Joint Venture between Schiphol and the Dutch company ByeleX Data Solutions BV, The Byecoin Company. Bylex-Director Herman Vissia said (freely translated):

We are delighted that Schiphol wants to work with us, a new crypto reality for travelers .

In the Netherlands, the machine 20 is. operational crypto-currency ATM in accordance with CoinATMRadar. In Europe, the Netherlands is on a 9. Place. The 1. Place goes to Austria, where 198 ATMs are placed. Still 153 crypto-currency ATMs in the UK. On place 3 in Europe, Spain is 57 ATM. In Germany there are, according to CoinATMRadar no vending machines. Overall, about a fifth of all crypto is currency ATMs worldwide in Europe, the vast majority is in North America.

In addition, plans for the Odyssey group in Argentina, and 4,000 Bitcoinvending machines, after the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) in may, the regulations for ATMs in the country eased. The new regulations contain no direct reference to Bitcoin or crypto currency. They allow, however, the Installation of ATMs in Non-Bank businesses such as supermarkets, shopping centres and cinemas.

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