Bank account An Lemmens sacked

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Almost no one in the world who doubt that An Lemmens is a big animal lover. The few exceptions are perhaps the puppy mills against which the presenter for many years of fighting. Recently managed An Lemmens, thanks to a message on her social media in a Roefel activity on a hondenkwekerij in Putte to cancel it. The municipality of Putte saw the problem not in, but after An Lemmens a message on her social media, put, went the ball does have to roll. “The municipality of Putte thinking for 15 years that it is a good idea to do with the Roefeldag the kids a fun day out to deliver the Woefkesranch. This is my virtual hat to the top! Give the good example and visit a shelter!”, wrote An on Instagram. The municipality of Putte eventually decided the activity on Roefeldag to delete, to the great annoyance of the owner of the Woefkesranch. An Lemmens is often on the barricades if it is about animals and that dierenliefde cost her a lot of money. The presenter has taken home four hands to roam and also has other animals in her garden. Those dogs are all from a shelter, the last thing An think of is to have a dog with a broodfokker to buy. Even if it’s a broodfokker with a good reputation, refuses An order to a dog to buy. According to An end up the most dogs of a broodfokker in an animal shelter. “That is not to say that puppy mills will never be satisfied customers have,” says An in Humo. “Of course, some grow pups into healthy adult dogs, but that is more the exception than the rule”, An further in the magazine. Most of the puppy mills see An Lemmens do not like to come. “I can take the complaints for slander and defamation of character barely count. Puppy mills want my mouth, love it and drag me ongoing for the right”, responds An in Humo. “I have all the items won but needed my bank account to plunder it to the lawyers to pay. Also now again I must in the social media read my Instagram-message only served to itself attention. People see such a crap to write, do not know how much money I invest in my fight against puppy mills”, goes An further. “The breeders are asking me as an irresponsible gekkin from her neck, and lult. But I know well that I am. I come on for the weaker members of society, both for the animals and for all the families that puppy mills be deceived”, it sounds still.

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