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ROTTERDAM – The three men who Monday are held because they are the weapons would have been delivered to two French terrorist suspects remain two weeks longer stuck. Reports that the Public Ministry on Twitter. Their DNA was found on firearms in a shelter of Islamic State in Argenteuil, a suburb of Paris.

The suspects are a Groninger (26), a 53-year-old man who is stuck in Zaanstad and thirty year olds without a permanent residence.

Two days after the attacks in Brussels on 24 march 2016 discovered the police an apartment in Argenteuil. In the refuge layers, five kalashnikovs, small arms, 30 kilos of explosives, detonators, fake passports, mobile phones and jihadist writings. The apartment was rented by the French jihadist Réda Kriket.

A second suspect, a Frenchman, Anis B., is in 2016 in Rotterdam held. Also in his apartment was a lot of ammunition.

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