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Argentina cries: shutdown threatens for Messi and co after a dramatic match against Croatia

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It is not the world cup of Argentina. After a first draw against Iceland, and lost the Albiceleste against Croatia (0-3) after a huge blunder from goalkeeper Caballero, a great ball from Modric, and a late counter from Rakitic. With one in six is the shutoff for Messi and co will be very close. Croatia is definitely a place in the quarter-final.

After a disappointing opening game against Iceland (1-1) were Argentina and Lionel Messi it would be for Croatia to put aside. But the Balkan team opened the world cup strong with a victory against Nigeria (2-0) and clearly had confidence, on the contrary to Lionel Messi, which the press of the nation clearly felt.

Argentina tried immediately the heft in our hands, but Perisic made all after four minutes for the first notice. The ex-native of bruges kept the field well wide and took advantage of the Argentine driemansdefensie to policy for Caballero to dive. The back-up to Thibaut Courtois at Chelsea had a strong reflex needed to make Croatia an early lead.

Argentina tried to prick under the impetus of lionel Messi. Acuna kicked a ball in the top of the crossbar, Perez missed incomprehensible for open goal after a misunderstanding between Subasic and Vrsaljko. But Croatia stayed in a virile first-half dangerous: Mandzukic had his header is always better to do than him next to the cage of Caballero.

Also after the break came the Argentine motor but difficult to initiate. Agüero missed still close but the cold shower followed. Caballero wanted a back about Rebic scoop up, but saw to his dismay how Rebic the ball with a perfect volley against the ropes kicked. What a blunder of the 36-year-old goalkeeper.

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Consternation at the Argentines, suddenly very nervous and started acting. Juventus-attacker Gonzalo Higuain came in the place of Aguëro. The man who four years ago the Red Devils from the tournament knikkerde, was soon through the defence piloted but Meza nor Messi, could be ball past Subasic sheds. On the other side had Mandzukic’s two-nil to the foot, but his effort foundered in the zijnet. With Dybala brought coach Sampaoli, after Higuain, a second Juve-all-star between the lines. The skillful attacker to bounce back immediately from there over the cage Subasic, the Argentinians, the pressure bit by bit but also gave the Croats at the same time, more space to counter. As time progressed, grew the nervousness at the Argentinians: a lot of losing and a lot of space by Real-star Modric was punished. He blasted the ball from outside the rectangle passed a grabbelende Caballero. Zero-two with a quarter to play, there could even be ten Leo Messi’s nothing to correct the problem. Even more, a wonderful free-kick from luminary Rakitic deserved better than to die on the lat, the same Rakitic pushed in the slotminuut yet a third hit past a helpless Caballero and made it a debacle for the South Americans complete.

If Iceland tomorrow wins of Nigeria, the Argentines their fate no longer in own hands.

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