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And yet, the world cup isn’t over for Messi and co. Why it still can for the Argentines!

d5099959002fe4152dd4ac3babeaf053 - And yet, the world cup isn't over for Messi and co. Why it still can for the Argentines!

Despite a one-in-six and the painful defeat against Croatia a the world cup is not yet over for Argentina. For the following reason.

With six on six is Croatia placed for the next round. That certainty is there. With one in six of Argentina is not yet turned off, how hopeless the situation currently seems to be.

Tomorrow plays Iceland, Nigeria. For the Argentinians would be a draw is the ideal result. Then comes Iceland on two points and Nigeria on one point, in addition to Argentina.

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On the third day, will play Croatia against Iceland, and watching Argentina in the eyes of Nigeria. Win Argentina, then it comes on four points. In the event that Iceland and Nigeria tomorrow, equal play, then have the Vikings to a tie insufficient to Argentina behind them.

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And what if Iceland tomorrow wins of Nigeria and four points. Also, the qualification is still possible for Messi and co but they will be very difficult. Taking into account the negative goal difference of the Argentines (-3) and the same positive goal difference of Icelanders, Iceland is already a heavy boat in going up against the already placed Croatia and should Argentina heavy extract against Nigeria.

And what if Nigeria tomorrow wins. It is sufficient for a victory of Argentina in the slotspeeldag to get past Nigeria to go and have Iceland at least win Croatia in addition to Argentina. Also then the goal difference the decision and it looks like there won’t be too good for the Argentines.

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