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Altcoins: IOTA, Qtum, Dash and Bytecoin springs

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The Altcoin market is still in the process of springs. During the 19th century. June appeared briefly in a Rebound, is this gone in the meantime. In the crypto market is nothing New.

What had happened? Although signed on the 19. June, a Rebound from, however, this was not of long duration. The Hack the crypto exchange Bithumb was probably a significant factor. Subsequently, the markets fell again by $ 10 billion would disappear within a half an hour in the air.

As usual, the losses of Bitcoin were headed, slipped to US $ 150 and just over 6,600 US dollars listed (minus of 2.04 percent in the 24-hour volume). Ethereum has remained relatively stable and was at the same Level as at 19. June, at 520 US dollars traded. As usual, Altcoins have been affected. Most of the 3 to 4 percent and only a Hand of got full from the downward pressure.

This caused the greatest losses among the Top 25, with IOTA 4.9 percent and Bytecoin has lost 7 percent, Dash 4.5 percent, Monero 6.4 percent, Qtum 9.3 percent within the last 24 hours. No dramatic losses in the crypto world, you know. The red wave covered almost all Market capitalisations, while only Huobi the Trend Token could be defied. According to the price index of Huobi reports that the Token is currently a profit of 5.46 per cent – if you want, you can establish a connection to the Bithumb-Hack.

Price losses in the case of Altcoins: No reason to panic

Stock exchange traded currencies to benefit usually, if there is bad news from the crypto sector. These are considered as safe havens and as a refuge in case of the inevitable losses. Another Option is a Tether, in this case, the volume increased briefly to about 5 billion US dollars.

Currently, the trade of Bithumb is exposed, after the Chart is showing exactly what is going to happen. Bithumb was care out from the General Trend, after the User had registered the Hack. The circumstances will settle down but again, if the facts of the case is unraveled.

It is, as always: keep a Cool head – maybe you can buy even again.

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