Agriculture in Poland and the Baltic states groans under drought

d9bb802129c91ff6f14f743ebc7a17e7 - Agriculture in Poland and the Baltic states groans under drought

The Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki has on Wednesday warned of “substantial losses” at the grain harvest due to drought. The government is looking for opportunities to the affected farmers to support. The sector is affected by drought and unusual heat. The Baltic neighbours also suffer. Latvia announces Thursday as possible the state of emergency.

Half of the Polish territory is affected by drought. It is especially the cereals that are most at risk, according to the institute IUNG.

In June it was the drought worse than in the worst years (2006 and 2015). The yield losses risking very significant, as said Morawiecki to journalists in Warsaw. The new landbouwminister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski stated interventions in the prospect, without details.

Experts calculate that about a third of the harvest will be affected by the drought in the spring and unusually high temperatures during the day.

Livestock headcount

The month of may was in Poland the warmest since 55 years, with an average daily temperature of 18.7 degrees Celsius, up from 15.3 degrees last year.

In the east of Latvia fell any rain since may 3. Farmers are starting their pile to shrink due to lack of feed.

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