A unique B&B With Four in the Bed

cdc734126ba1e73d62da538f1574a4f9 - A unique B&B With Four in the Bed

“If we go on a trip, we’re always looking for atypical B&B’s with a twist.” No wonder that Lily and Etienne for their own B&B is also something unique wanted to create. And they did that with Au Plaisir, located in the idyllic village of Hastière-par-delà, near Dinant. In their theme-B&B, everything is in the sign of the detectivespel Cluedo. Thus, the 4 guest rooms is the name of a character – of Miss Rose to Colonel Mustard, and guests can have a thrilling mock-murder game play. They go in search of a culprit who they can identify using the tips which are in the B&B are hidden. Hobby chef Etienne spends his free hours in the kitchen of Au Plaisir, where he, with pleasure, have a delicious meal ready for guests, or a whisky tasting offering.

With Four in the Bed, from Monday to Thursday at 21.05 on VTM.

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