A new portion ‘Callboys’

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Wesley Biets, Devon Macharis and Randy Paret unite back in ‘Callboys 2’. Of Jay Wings was in season one forever goodbye, but the actor Rik Verheyen is yet again on the set.

The ‘Callboys’ of the party. The recordings for the second season officially started. Stef Aerts (Wesley), Matteo Simoni (Devon) and Bart Hollanders (Randy) back to let off some steam as a real gigolo. The first season was in 2017 a great success. Rarely is a television show so much discussed. This is where the role of the blonde god Jay Wings, played by Rik Verheye, also called for something in between these two.

A return of Jay? That is too good to be true. After the tragic death in the elevator, saw Flanders the hilarious character permanently disappear. “Careful on the boan hey”, cried Devon him. We have fortunately not to mourn, identical twin brother Jeremy is of the party in the second season. Verheye is again a fixed value to the set. Director Jan Eelen was immediately excited about a second season. FOUR now confirms officially that the shooting for ‘Callboys 2’ walk. When the Callboys of the screen to win back, is not yet known.

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