Woman dies in cubicle holiday

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Pennal – A 60-year-old woman by a bizarre incident to life in a luxury bungalow.

The luxury holiday cottages in Wales where a former police officer by a bizarre coincidence to the life came.

Elizabeth Mary Isherwood was probably at night, the lost in the villa of the Lake Hagarth holiday complex when they saw a dressing room to open. The door slammed shut behind the former police agent, reports ITV news.

The latch on the inside was missing, causing the woman, who was naked, not directly to the outside. The light switch was on the outside so it was pitch dark. The hours or perhaps days after that, she tried desperately with all kinds of tools for inward-opening door force. The woman was staying on her own in the house.

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Eventually, Elizabeth in the wall to go chop. In addition, she is apparently a water pipe that began to leak. Ultimately, it is they by hypothermia as a result of the accident.

An employee of the resort found the woman.

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From police investigation revealed that another resident of the park, however, a number of inexplicable blows had heard, but had that not been reported.

According to the coroner it may be that Isherwood spent many days locked up has been before she died.

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