Whole village for sale for 320.000 euro

9a259aec872395242f8c390ed2a14c28 - Whole village for sale for 320.000 euro

Monogorilby – For the price of a etagewoning in Amsterdam can you in australia Queensland a complete village to buy.

For 320.000 euro, you get twelve houses, a church, a heli landplaats and a tennis court.

The new owner of Monogorilby is a large landowner with fifteen acres of land.

The village was originally built for the employees of a houtfabriek. After the closure of the company, there is still attempted a camping to begin.

“It is an ideal location for someone who is out of the box thinking,” says Danielle Meyer, the real estate agent that the estate is trying to sell against Australian media. “You can stay in a camping resort or even a spa.”

The 12 houses are all equipped with electricity and running water.

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