VRT is set 100 years Great War in the spotlight

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On 11 november 2018 it will be exactly 100 years since the Armistice was proclaimed, world war I ended voorgoede. The VRT wants to be the historic event to commemorate on the different networks.

OneWith ‘Never at war’ looks at One on november 11, back on a century-long armistice and a look at the future cast. One will broadcast live an eight hour marathonuitzending from the Grote Markt in Ieper. At 11.00 hours from Brussels, the ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier shown. The Last Post is the end of the broadcast. Karl Vannieuwkerke takes the presentation and will receive national and international guests. Goedele Guards attracts like flying a reporter to many of the important places in Ypres. Arnout Hauben is located along the front line, where he listens to the (musical) oorlogsverhaal of small and large artists.

CanvasJune 29, sends Canvas ‘The Waterfront’ live, a project for the GoneWest-the initiative of the province of West-Flanders. Reporters Joris Hessels and Dominique Van Malder make a trek of 21 kilometers along the coast. They are 6000 people a personal message on a boat and write, together with the name of a world war I victim. There are also five performances is a message of hope to proclaim. In closing, at the signal of a Belgian royal highness the 3000 boats lowered into the water.

Also provides Canvas several documentaries: October 10, starts the five-part series”Apocalypse, the First world War‘, in which each broadcast a different aspect of the war is brought to the attention.’Apocalypse, never-ending war 1918-1929‘, another five-part documentary series, goes on the antenna from 14 november. That’s about the situation after the war.On Sunday, november 11, sends Canvas to Canvas documentaries ‘The very last witnesses: Views on peace‘ and ‘Public secret: The raid on Zeebrugge ” . Also in the autumn: the auteursdocumentaire of Annabel Verbeke: ‘We will remember them‘.

Also at the VRT-naval cipher areas is the historic event did not go unnoticed. Klara provides in June the podcast ‘Opus 14-18, where weekly artistic stories of artists during the first world war to be told. The radio series ” Paris-Berlin. A journey from war to peace, ” based on the book by Peter Jacobs Erwin De Decker, follows in October. The ‘War requiem’ by Annelies Paris on 11 november directly from Bozar broadcast. Also Radio 1, Radio 2, Studio Brussel and MNM with specials in the autumn.

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